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Long-Term Hold

We are a long-term-hold investor. We do not promote constant "churning" of our properties. We have recognized, after many years of experience, that the best way to maximize returns is to purchase a high-quality, safe, long term investment property at the best price, operate it better than your competition and hold for the long term. 


Our distributions are generated through cash flow, as well as regular refinances of the property. We time our refinances around peaks in net operating income of the properties, as well as interest rate fluctuation. The result is tremendous tax-free distribution to partners. 

Tax Benefits

We have set up multiple ways to build wealth through our investments. Our structure provides investors terrific tax benefits regardless of their investment level. We also allow investors to use their Defined Benefits Plans and IRA's to invest in our properties. Our investments can also be used as an effective estate planning tool for many generations.


We are very selective in our buying criteria

  • Our primary focus is on what we feel is the most prudent investment, apartments in Southern California
  • We only buy properties that are within resonable driving disance of our Irvine headquarters so that we can "smother" these assets with hands-on management. Geographically, our boarders are Ventura to the North, San Diego to the South, the Pacific Ocean to the West and the lower desert to the East. This one of the most diverse and desirable markets in the Country.
  • Our acquisitions are typically over 100 units, however if there is a smaller property near one of our existing assets, we will certainly investigate that opportunity
  • With our in-house renovation company, we are perfectly suited for value-add investment opportunities.
  • We have full-time acquisition team in the market incovering every opportunity. Many times we are able to find transactions before they hit the open market.
  • We are flexible, nimble, and able to act quickly. Creative structuring is our Hallmark.
Asset Management
  • Our investors receive detailed annual reporting books highlighting the performance of their investments
  • We hold annual Partners Meeting to provide and in-person update on the state of the market and our portfolio
  • Our Properties are managed by our in-house management company, Advanced Management Company (AMC), so that we are able to closely control the day-to-day workings of our assets.
  • To most efficiently and effectively execute our value-add investment strategy, we have our in-house Construction company called R³ Construction Services. Inc. R³ can seemlessly complete all aspects of property renovations. We build our own cabinets; self-perform plumbing, HVAC, wood repair, electrical, painting, window installation and masonry.
  • Because our strategy is to hold for the long-term, we use the most durable materials that are lasting and efficient in order to diminish management costs and repairs and maintenance
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